Wednesday, 15 August 2012

One of my own perhaps?

I have finally figured out how to work YouTube, and how to create, upload and share videos of some of the compositions that I have written. So, I thought I would share one of my recent videos. Before listening, bare in mind that I am still restricted to the awful and synthesised sounds of the composition software: Sibelius. If only I could play the whole piece at once on all of the instruments...

I wrote this with the inspiration of film composers Mychael Danna (The Time Traveller's Wife) and Aaron Zigman (The Notebook). I love background film music because of the delicacy and serenity of it, as well as the fact it can support drama without taking away attention from the screen. The idea of the piece starts off simply, with the strings and the addition of a solo piano. As the theme develops, the piano communicates with the harp, developing into a melody for solo clarinet, that then transforms the whole piece entirely. I can't really criticise my own work, so I'll leave it up to the judgement of its viewers.

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